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GRC Staff

Dr. Abdulaziz Sager


Dr. Abdulaziz Sager is chairman and founder of the Gulf Research Center. He is also President of Sager Group Holding in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Dr. John Sfakianakis

Program Director - Economic Research, Chief Economist

Dr. Mustafa Alani

Senior Advisor & Director - Security and Defense Research Program

Prof. Giacomo Luciani

Trustee and a Founding Member of the Gulf Research Center Foundation Geneva

Eng. Javaid Iqbal

MD, Knowledge Corporation, Dubai

Mr. Jamal Hammam

Publishing Manager, Araa Magazine Editor-in-chief

Samir Kandil

Assistant General Manager

Dr. Mohammed Raouf

Research Fellow, Environment Research Program

Sanya Kapasi

Administration Manager

Salih Kourdi

Chairman's Office Manager

Imco Brouwer

Executive Director, Gulf Labor Markets and Migration Program

Aileen Byrne

Senior Researcher